Monday, April 26, 2010

Cabin 2009

So every year around the summer time the Shumway clan gets together to go to the Brown family cabin in Island Park... Luckily I was now a family member by a good four months so I was able to attend. It was amazing.. The lake was beautiful and the company was even better. 
The cabin built by Grandpa Brown.

Our little beach

Me and my super cute niece.. she loved the water..

Sitting on the dock of the bay..:)

Creating fun things to do... I got launched by my hubby and er brother..tee hee love ya morg

Derick and I at Howard Springs... Almost the entire family participated in the dipping of your face in the freezing cold but refreshing water... I didn't do so well but it was fun either way... I can proudly say that Derick dominated Morgan in the time contest.. I was very impressed with my new hubby and we took away 50 bucks  for the win...

Sadie me and Greggor kickin it.


So apparently they have huge bats in Idaho and they enjoy sneaking in peoples cabins... this is the creepiest thing ever.. I was on the phone for this little capture sadly but the pictures were more then enough for me.

Derick looks so scared, i love this picture cause he is freaking out...

The capture... ha ha ha Where did Derick go??

I was a little relieved that I wasn't there for this incident and I thought that I was in the clear... ha ha ya right.. So one night Derick and I headed off to our bed for our relaxing vacations rest... we decided to take the pups upstairs with us to watch a movie (Toy Story) ha ha and of course D passed out... I was hanging out watching the movie and all of a sudden heard wings flapping above me.. I freaked out covered my head and punched Derick. I begged him literally BEGGED him to turn on the light so we could find out what was in our room. I thought the k9's would have protected us but they were just looking at us dumbfounded. It was pretty funny! Finally after much persuading Derick got up and turned on the light.. after we searched and searched we came to the consensus that it was a bat but it must have flown up to the loft above us... Ok so I can't just ignore that and just go to bed. Derick hopped back in and was ready for bed... What the heck, there was no way I was going to sleep in a room with an uncaptured BAT... I told Derick to at least shut the bathroom door so I would feel a little bit better in case they came in thru the windows.. as he was going to shut it he heard splashing around in our toilet... long story short this is what he found:

So So So Creepy!!

I will never forget my first cabin experience with my new family.. It was so much fun and obviously entertaining..


  1. I'm so excited you got a blog! Facebook me your e-mail address if you want to be invited to ours! ~Jamie

  2. I LOVE cabin trips! It's so nice to just get away from the city, even if it's just for the weekend :)

  3. your husband may have won at the howard springs face off, but mine was way more courageous and caught the bat! i think you owe us $50 bucks for that one:)