Monday, May 10, 2010

Meeting the Governor!

So this last Friday Derick and I were pleasured to attend the Governors Birthday bash at the Hogle Zoo in SLC. Derick's pawn shop donated some money to his campaign so we got the invite via Antonio to come and meet the big honchos in Utah politics. Mind you I am not really a big political person, so I was a little nervous I would look like an idiot, but it all turned out well. So after work we headed up and got there just in time for the yummy dinner. It was awesome! After we ate everyone went to the bird show. It was really neat. It's amazing what animals can be trained to do. We had a great time together. After the bird show we were told their was going to be cupcakes. This is what we walked out too. These things were massive. All the kids were freaking out. They were delicious too.

After our cupcake time D and I decided to walk around and meet some of the Hogle animals. I wanted to meet the gorilla.. So by this time it was getting late and all the animals were tuckered out from the days events. I didn't care and wanted my animal time. So I tapped on the glass to wake the monstrous male gorilla up so we could watch him. ha ha so i did and he popped up and glared at me. I told D that he was making me nervous with his shady eyes. The next second he was standing in front of the glass puffing his chest. I freaked out and literally fell over until I caught myself on the bench behind me. It was the SCARIEST thing ever. I know the glass was thick but your instincts kick in you know. Then theres Derick who was just standing there like nothing happened. Unbelievable, I swear he is a man thru and thru. Didn't even budge.

Don't his eyes creep you out...


  1. Hey girl, it's alicia here from APX... remember me? Haha! Got your blog from Chelsea. LOVE it. Hope all is well. Check us

  2. He certainly looks like you are bugging him. I am glad the glass was thick. And Derick did mention when retelling the story that it was pretty freaky. Maybe he just hold it in better than you.

  3. good thing it wasn't a spider or you'd be out of luck!