Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Arizona Surprise!!

Steve fist pumping into his sixties!!

So this last weekend my sister Krista and I decided to surprise my dad for his 60th birthday and fly into Phoenix. We were super excited to see the faces of all our family members when we showed up on the front step. It was so much fun!! So we flew out Friday morning and landed in Sky Harbor airport.. We got our awesome sister-n-law Keri to pick us up and she did an amazing job hiding our little secret for a week.  Here are some pictures from a short but accomplished weekend trip with the Pribyl's!!

Amanda and I swimming with the fam..

The whole family

Tyce is such a sweetheart.... love him

All the siblings.

Elias and I just after the airport

Keeba, Boston, Aubrie, me and mini me Sophia.

Girls day out at Scottsdale mall.. so much fun. We used to go to Sweet Factory all the time when we were younger.. I was super excited when I saw it in that mall.

Shea, Carson and baby Lacey oh and Amanda and Louie in the background.. ha ha  this is such a good picture of these kiddos.

Being silly

 The Pribyl brothers setting up the gift that all us siblings chipped in to get for dad's Bday.. He was so surprised when we whipped this one out for him. Happy birthday daddy!

So all and all it was a very successful trip, we got to see all our nieces and nephews and my brothers and their wives and the soon to be Mrs. Amanda Knowles.. ha ha Congrats sister. We got to enjoy the sun and celebrate an amazing man who is my father. Love you dad. Happy 60th year!

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