Saturday, April 24, 2010


Chillin poolside.

So after our beautiful wedding day we stayed in a cute little bed and breakfast in Salt Lake for our honeymoon night and then jetted out of Salt Lake airport the next morning. We flew to Texas where we loaded up on the Carnival cruise ship and headed out to our three tiered destination. I have never been on a cruise so I was VERY excited.. With all the unlimited treats and meals I felt like a kid in the candy shop. We had fun! I think by far our favorite thing to do was get our ice cream which was awesome and then walk the boat at night and peer overboard at the beautiful ocean.

Notice the ice cream.... ha ha

Getting trained on how to save our lives if Titanic happened again. We rocked orange!

They sang "happy honeymoon to you" our first night. It was so funny!
Right off the boat.

Our trip itinerary included a FIRST STOP to Grand Cayman where we walked around and checked out the shops and then decided last minute to go to the Turtle Farms.. This was so cool.. They let you pick up the baby turtles which kinda freaked me out but it was still a cool experience.

My little frend.

D's BIG friend.

The family

So after that we booked it back to the boat and sailed away to our SECOND STOP at Cozumel... Here we planned our day a little bit better and I swam with the dolphins.. We kissed them and held them. Derick didn't go in with me but he enjoyed filming my dolphin excursion and taking pictures.

Us in some huge chair..

Lastly we went to our third and final stop at Jamaica... I think I was a little blind with my hopes of Jamaica..... It was really dirty and lots of groady people. We were offered drugs like from every local. It was sick. Sadly we only got off the boat for like 2 hours and then decided to get back on. We still toared around for a bit and enjoyed the scenery but nothing too exciting happened here.

Isn't he so freakin cute!! I love this pic of him.

This lady wouldn't take the picture unless we tipped her first.... ha ha

So all and all our honeymoon was amazing. I truly recommend this for a honeymoon. It was so nice to not have to worry about things and to just go with the flow. We were entertained the entire time, with all the Carnival activities and food and ice cream man we were set. I love Derick and loved our honeymoon experience. Hope to attend another cruise soon. :)

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