Thursday, June 24, 2010

Adrenaline junkies!!

Happy 23rd baby!! He will never show those pearly whites!!

Sadie had a good time too!!

This last week was Derick's BDAY..... ha ha its so weird that he is younger then me. I love it!!
So Derick and I love doing new, fun spontaneous things.I attempted to surprise him for his bday o fun and decided to take him up to the indoor skydiving in Ogden. I did so well the entire week keeping my mouth shut and was so excited to see if I was successful at surprising Derick which is a very very hard thing to do. He guessed it even before we left Provo. Geeez I will be able to get him someday.

So needless to say we love doing super crazy things in life. I am so glad we married each other and can still do all these fun things together. Derick and I have been Skydiving and Bungee Jumping on seperate occasions but still have both done it. It was awesome and such a rush!! I loved skydiving and definitely recommend it to anyone. It was such a thrill and totally cool. Bungee jumping was so much scarier because the ground is so much closer then when you skydive so that thrill kinda freaked me out. Here are my crazy pics that I have from when I went. I need to find Derick's and post them but this is what I have for now.

I still can't believe I swanned dived off this tower. SO scary!!

Don't worry that I (or should I say my tandem man) did a gainer out of the plane.... it was one of those army planes so we were able to jump out the back which made our exits that much better!

Ha ha I had cotton mouth the entire time so I can't believe I mustered to get my tongue out of my mouth for this shot... So funny...

Next crazy activity.......something crazy for our Hawaii trip...YES!!!!


  1. you guys are so crazy and so perfect for each other. i'm not doing anything like that with you in hawaii!

  2. I already payed for the adventure! Of course you will all do it! I thought it would be a hit especially for those who need to conquer the fear of heights!35 more days.