Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yet another post. So I have been working at Kohl's for almost 2 years and I have loved it. I just recently got a promotion which is great. I am in charge of so much more and love the authority I have. It has been hard but I love the store and am very passionate about our sales and product. I just had to share this...... So Derick and I went to this random Chinese buffet place across the street from our apartment (which was amazingly yummy) and ate our delicious meal and then got to the dessert.... Fun yet disgusting hard as rock fortune cookies..... This is awesome. I opened mine and this is what it said::

You will be selected for a

promotion because of your

I kid you not that is what it said and I literally like that last week got the promotion.. ha ha totally random right....  You think that was good well here is what Derick's said:
Work on improving your

TEE HEE TEE HEE!!! HA HA HA I love Derick so much and he was super bummed after reading this one. Both he and I have gained weight due to our wonderful happy marriage and we were talking about working out and getting healthier and then this little sucker comes along. SO RIGHT ON!! I couldn't believe that the fortunes were so in tune with our lives at the time. Pretty funny hu? Anyways so yea thought that was hilarious.

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