Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pawn Shop!!

Ok so for any of you who don't know my sexy husband is an amazing entrepreneur. He baptized our dear friend Antonio Palazzola on his mission who is a pawn shop guru and who helped Derick find his current career. The Quick Cash Pawn shop has been opened for a little over a year now and it has been extremely successful. I am so proud of Derick and all of the hard work and dedication that he puts into the shop. Now I have to admit when I heard about this whole pawn shop thing when we were first dating naturally I was a little nervous.... Who wouldn't be??? The way the world portrays pawn shops are shady and unreliable. Derick has made it his goal to be the best and to offer the best to everyone he comes in contact with. Anyways here are a few pictures from the beginnings till now. Amazing how much crap you can accumulate within a year. 

Antonio and Derick

Now here are the most recent shots.....

Derick and Brayden at worky work

Front left half of store

Front right half of store

Somewhere in the middle,,, LOL

Of course we watch pawn stars and have attempted to go there once with no success but it was still a neat journey to Las Vegas..Derick and I love chum lee and love to see all the neat old stuff people bring in.


  1. JOnas loves to watch Pawn STars! It is pretty funny and interesting to watch! Looks like you are doing great! :D

  2. I didn't know that is what Derick did! That's awesome! Trevor and I LOVE Pawn Stars!!

  3. What a terrific year! The shop has certainly grown and such wonderful "junk." It is like Christmas all year-long.

    I want to go with you for the fortune cookies--I need some good fortune telling.