Monday, July 26, 2010

July 2010

So this last month has been awesome!!! We celebrated our Independence by attending the stadium of fire and played with some more bats. Derick was such a trooper going with me. He wasn't too excited but secretly I think he really had a good time.

The Stadium of fire dancers....pretty neat!

Carrie Underwood was the headliner....she did an amazing job. She is so talented.. What a singer!!

Such a beautiful sunset that night...

The fireworks were great!!

So just a couple of weeks ago we started of our summer vacationing by going to the Brown family cabin in Idaho again. We had such a fun time...

Our little family.... ha ha

Miss Allie Pants

Couple of cheese balls...

Canooing down the river.... We all got super burnt but it was entertaining until Derick purposely tipped us over.. So much fun!

 Here we go again....You ready to go bat hunting??

Best picture ever.... Morgan being the manly man attempting to bat mitten the bat to death. meanwhile my macho husband is in the corner with a blanket over his head.... ha ha but I was doing the same thing. PS... if you look closely you can see the evil bat inches away from Derick's head and just right of the cabinets.

SUCCESS... Sadie was our dog savior. She literally jumped in mid air and grabbed the bat and killed it. We were so glad after that was finished... Love the victory stance Morgan!

Yucky, this years culprit..... apparently the day we left they found like 40 bats throughout the cabin due to a mishap with the exterminator guy.... I am so glad we were out of there....

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  1. i love that picture of allie in the car seat. i must get it from you! so fun! can't wait for tomorrow!!