Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Credit Score Happiness!!!

Wow so my entire life I have felt like I probably have like the worst credit and most likely couldn't get a loan and all that jazz. So I went into wellsfargo today to open a savings account cause one of the clerks there asked me if I had a savings account and I said no.. she insited that I open an account for safety since pretty much all of my mula was going into my checking..... but I didn't have the time that day. So I decided to go drop by today since I got off work early. I went in and set up the account and ordered some new checks.. We got all the way done and the guy asked "Would you like to pay $1 to see what your credit score is... I figured well ya its a dollar and I have always been curious about what my credit score really was.. I kid you not, this is what I got from 3 credit agencies...


IS THIS FOR REAL??? I automatically thought they got the wrong person and I was looking at someone elses awesome score......Well nope its mine...YES!!! I immediatly thought about that commercial I think for like or something with the 3 guys dressed as the credit scores with one being the whimpy, small guy while the other two are strong and confident. Well I have three STRONG guys and I am so proud of it. I strongly encourage people to check your credit score... I am so shocked that mine were so high... HOLLA... Good day for me. This will help with the whole trying to get approved for loan for a home


  1. Good job! Thats awesome news. I remember so vividly when we were in your shoes ei looking at homes, baby plans etc. such FUN times! Live it up!

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